A New Birth of Freedom: Reconstruction During the Civil War
Fugitive Slaves Crossing the Rappahonack River in Virginia, 1862. Contrabands at Follies Farm, 1862. "Forever Free," Edmonia Lewis, 1862. Proclamation of Emancipation. President Abraham Lincoln, 1862.
Lincoln Medal, 1866. Copy of the Thirteenth Amendment, 1868. Scrimshaw portrait of a Black Soldier, c. 1864. Lincoln Medal, 1866.
Union Army Soldier, 1864. Union Army Soldier, 1864. Battery A., 2nd U.S. Colored Artillery, Army of the Cumberland, c. 1863. Laura M. Towne and pupils, 1866. "Education Among the Freedman," c. 1864.
"Gideon's band," c. 1862. African-Americans going to work in the fields of Edisto Island, 1862. Reading the Contract, Grove Plantation, Port Royal, 1863. Military Auction of Condemned Property, beaufort, South Carolina, 1865. General William T. Sherman, c. 1863.
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The Meaning of Freedom: Black and White Responses to Slavery From Free Labor to Slave Labor Rights and Power: The Politics of Reconstruction Introduction The Ending of Reconstruction Epilogue: The Unfinished Revolution Additional Resources Credits for This Exhibit