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Housing Discrimination
"The buildings are…dark and gloomy..."

Prejudice Against Indian Americans

"I said was no slave man."

A Protest Song

"Why is there no respect for us in the whole world?"

The Scopes Trial Excerpts from the textbook John Scopes used in class

"Charles Darwin was one of the first...to realize how...heredity applied to the development or evolution of plants and animals."

A Tejano Legislator Testifies Against the Texas Rangers

"Frequently we would find dead bodies, and the ranches burned."

The Case Against the Reds by  A. Mitchell Palmer

"The blaze of revolution was sweeping over every American institution."

The Washington Treaty

"The Contracting Powers agree to limit their respective naval armament."

Can Indians Become American Citizens?

"The sole question is whether he falls within the class designated by Congress as eligible."

Leopold and Loeb: The Judge's Decision

"The court...feels impelled to dwell on...the physical, mental, and moral condition of the two defendants."

Immigration Restriction Act of 1924

"...whether he is a quota immigrant or a non-quota immigrant..."

The Scopes Trial: Examination of William Jennings Bryan by Clarence Darrow

Journalist H.L. Mencken's Account of the Scopes Trial by  H. L. Mencken

"There is a considerable heat in the trial."

Gitlow v. New York

"The advocacy of such doctrine either by word of mouth or writing is a felony."

The New Negro by  Alain Locke

"clarifying of our common vision of the social tasks ahead"

Forward to The New Negro: An Interpretation by  Alain Locke

"the artistic self-expression of the Negro to-day a new figure on the national canvas"

The Limits of Free Speech and Association: Whitney v. California

Impressions of the Scopes Trial by  Marcet Haldeman-Julius

"The contest between evolution and Christianity is a duel to the death."

Texas's White-Only Primary Law Overturned

"assumes to forbid negroes to take part in a primary election"

Sacco and Vanzetti Put to Death Early This Morning

"Long live anarchy!"

A New Deal for Native Americans by  Meriam Report

“Natural resources, such as timer and oil, were sold”

Immigration Restriction by  John Box

"the protection of American racial stock from further degradation or change"

Labor Activism by  Governor C.C. Youngs Fact-Finding Committee

"leaves his workers stranded without the wages for their last week's work"

The Kellogg-Briand Pact
(1928 )

"The High Contracting Parties solemly declare...that they condemn recourse to war."

Community Institutions by  LULAC

"maintain a sincere and respectful reverence for our racial origin of which we are proud"

Immigration Restriction by  Ernesto Galarza

"recognizes his absolute inability to force his wage upward"

Near v. Minnesota

"Remedies for libel remain available and unaffected."

The Leopold and Loeb Case: In Leopold's Words by  Nathan Leopold

"How on earth could I ever have got involved in this thing?"