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Texas Black Codes
"That in the management and control of an apprentice, the master or mistress shall have power to inflict such moderate corporeal chastisement as may be necessary and proper."

Reconstruction in Texas by  John H. Reagan

"you must recognize the abolition of slavery"

Should Andrew Johnson Be Impeached? by  George William Curtis

New Directions in Government Policy by  The Doolittle Committee

"The irrepressible conflict between a superior and an inferior race"

Alaska Treaty

"His Majesty the Emperor of all the Russias agrees to cede to the United States..."

New Directions in Government Policy by  The Indian Peace Commission

“Nobody pays any attention to Indian matters”

Intimidating Former Slaves

"Do you promise never to marry any woman but one who belongs to the White race?"

New Directions in Government Policy by  Ely S. Parker

“They have become falsely impressed with the notion of national independence”

New Directions in Government Policy by  The Board of Indian Commissioners

“A shameful record of broken treaties and unfulfilled promises”

A Black Union Soldier Comments on Treatment by Southerners by  Thomas Long

"We whipped down all dat."

The Conditions of Tejanos in 1873

"attempts were made to deprive the Mexicans of their lands"

The Battle of the Little Big Horn by  George Armstrong Custer

"One whose cruel and ferocious nature far exceeds that of any wild beast of the desert"

Texas's Governor Seeks to Drive Indians from the Texas Plains by  Richard Coke

"I belived it will be found necessary to dismount every Indian..."

The Battle of the Little Big Horn by  Two Moons

"All the soldiers were now killed"

A Message to the President about Anti-Chinese Sent

"The Chinese are not the only people who have crossed the ocean to seek a residence in this land."

A Petition for Separate Chinese Schools

"there are more than 3,000 Chinese children between the ages of five and seventeen"

Garrick Mallery, Picture Writing of the American Indians, 10th Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology (1893).] by  Red Horse