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Emma Tenayuca Becomes a Labor Organizer in San Antonio
"The attitude of the establishment led me to activism."

Angel Island Immigration Station Poetry
(1910 to 1940)

"America has power, but not justice."

Self-Hatred by  Julian Llar

"always we remain sensitive"

Punishing Mexican Immigrants

"law has been passed so that women and children are not incarcerated"

The Limits of Freedom of the Press: Near v. Minnesota (1931)

Jail Head Asks Troops as Mob Seeks Negros

"The governor declined to comment."

Americanization by  Merton E. Hill

"none should be allowed to escape the educational campaign"

Documents Relating to Huey Long, 1932-1935
(1932 to 1935)

Repatriation During the Great Depression

"you might dedicate all your energies to your personal improvement"

Repatriados by  Mexican Consulate

"persons who take part in this movement of repatriation may count on free transportation"

Repatriados by  Carey McWilliams

"do-gooders subjected the Mexican population to a relentless barrage of surveys"

Plan National Aid at Negroes' Trial

"Racial prejudice closed the eyes of the jurors..."

Labor Activism by  Frank C. McDonald
(09/17/1933 to 10/09/1933)

"press dispatches stated that two strikers had been killed and eight wounded"

A New Deal for Native Americans by  The Wheeler-Howard (Indian Reorganization) Act

“Any Indian tribe...shall have the right to organize for its common welfare”

A New Deal for Native Americans by  John Collier

“End the long, painful, futile effort to speed up the normal rate of Indian assimilation by individualizing tribal land”

The Supreme Court Rules that Texas's Democratic Party May Discriminate Against Blacks by  Grovey v. Townsend

"a similar situation may exist in other states"

United States v. Miller

"The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."