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Gulf of Tonkin Resolution by  U.S. Congress
"to take all necessary measures to repel any armed attack"

Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
(08/ 07/1964)

"That the Congress...supports...the President...to take all necessary measures to...prevent further aggression."

Aggression from North Vietnam -- U.S. State Department, Feb. 27, 1965 by  U.S. State Department

"the war in Vietnam is not a spontaneous and local rebellion"

Pentagon Papers: Background to the Crisis

"Significant misunderstanding has developed concerning U.S. policy towards Indochina."

Letter from Ho Chi Minh to President Lyndon Johnson by  Ho Chi Minh

"satellite troops have resorted to the most inhuman weapons and most barbarous methods of warfare"

The My Lai Massacre: Report of the Department of the Army Review (1970)

New York Times v. United States

"The First Amendment leaves no room for governmental restraint on the press."

U.S. Forces Out of Vietnam; Hanoi Frees the Last P.O.W.

"...leaving behind an unfinished war that has deeply scarred this country."