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Quotations from Joe Louis by  Joe Louis
"Now I feel like a champion."

Jesse Owens by  Jesse Owens

"I wasn't invited to shake hands with Hitler."

Pearl Harbor Speech: Day of Infamy by  Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Yesterday...the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.”

A-bomb WWW-Museum

Experiencing Internment by  Keiho Soga

"My heart is inflamed with burning anguish."

Wartime Childhood in Mississippi by  Willie Morris

"It was our small contribution to the war effort, to eat everything on our plate."

Memories of a Wartime Girlhood by  Unknown

"We were taught in no uncertain terms that God was on our side."

A Brother's Death by  Dick Clark

"He didn't realize he was the first to tell me that Brad was dead."

Children in Internment Camps by  Helen Murao

"My own life will prevail."

Children in Internment Camps by  Unknown

"The shortage of trained teachers was awful."

Children in Internment Camps by  Unknown

"I was learning...what it meant to live in America. But, I was also learning the sometimes bitter price one has to pay for it."

Memories of a Wartime Teenager by  Unknown

"Gasoline was the biggest problem for a teeneager."

Wartime Childhood in California by  Ann Relph

"The war never had any reality. It was like a story that someone was telling me."

Saturday Afternoons at the Reel Theatre by  F. Scott Momaday

"On those Saturday afternoons at the Reel Theatre we were drawn into worlds of infinite possibility."

Pearl Harbor by  Dorinda Makanaonalani Nicholson

"Everywhere we looked, there was smoke and fire..."

The Neutrality Act of 1935

"No purchase of arms, ammunition, and implements of war shall be made on behalf of the United States."

Neutrality Act of 1936
(02/29/1936 )

"...during the period of the war...unlawful for any person...to purchase, sell, or exchange bonds, securities..."

The Neutrality Act of 1937

"It shall be unlawful for any citizen of the United States to travel on any vessel of the state or states named in such proclamation."

Peace in Our Time
(10/03/1938 )

"I feel that it may be possible to make further progress along the road to sanity."

Neutrality Act of 1939

"Materials to be exported or transported passes to a foreign purchaser unconditionally."

The Atomic Bomb: Albert Einstein's Letter to President Franklin D. Roosevelt by  Albert Einstein

Atlantic Charter

"They desire to bring about the fullest collaboration between all nations."

Childhood in Irvington, New Jersey by  Robert Heide

"We had to win the war!"

"Four Freedoms" Address by  Franklin D. Roosevelt

Four Freedoms speech
(01/06/1941 )

"We look forward to a world founded upon four essential human freedoms."

How to Tell Your Friends from the Japs

"Japanese are likely to be stockier and broader-hipped than short Chinese."

Pearl Harbor by  Morris Broussard

"Let's go watch the maneuvers."

Lend Lease Act

"What do I do in such a crisis?"

Children in Internment Camps by  Grace Nakamura

"On May 16, 1942 at 9:30 a.m., we departed . . . for an unknown destination."

Children in Internment Camps by  War Relocation Authority

"No center had been able to obtain its fill quota of teachers."

Sleepy Lagoon by  Citizens' Committee for the Defense of Mexican-American Youth

"total disregard for human life"

They Use Real Bullets by  Deborah Gorham

"After he went away, I can retrieve happy memories only if I make an effort to do so…."

Executive Order 9066: Ordering Internment by  Franklin D. Roosevelt

"The Secretary of War is...authorized to provide for residents...who are excluded ..."

The Repeal Act

"All Chinese persons entering the United States as immigrants shall be allocated to the quota for the Chinese."

The Zoot Suit Riots by  Governor's Citizen's Committee Report on Los Angeles Riots

"persons mistreated during the recent incidents in Los Angeles were either persons of Mexican descent or Negroes"

The Spirit of Liberty

Was Internment Constitutional?

"All legal restrictions which curtail the civil rights of a single racial group are immediately suspect."

The Legal Battle Against Internment

"They do not contend that she be held any longer in the Relocation Center."

Repealing the Chinese Exclusion Act

"it can ill afford to practice racial discrimination"

Texas's Ban on Blacks serving on Grand Juries Overturned by  Smith v. Allwright

"respondents refused to permit the petitioner to vote"

Discrimination Against Mexican Americans in War Industries by  Carlos E. Castañeda

"their employment has been limited"

Truman's Diary on the Atomic Bomb by  Harry S. Truman

Account of the bombing of Hiroshima by  Michihiko Hachiya