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Speech to Captain John Smith by  Powhatan

Courtship, Marriage, and Gender Roles by  Gabriel Sagard

“Just as the men have their special occupation...so also the women and girls keep their place”

Boyhood and Girlhood by  Gabriel Sagard

“He will reply to her that this is a girl's work and will do none of it.”

Mounting Conflict with Native Americans by  John Winthrop

"For the number of our people...be in all about 4000 souls"

Conflict and Accomodation in the Northeast: Destruction of the Pequots by  William Bradford

“Horrible was the stinck and sente.”

Childbirth and Infancy by  Adriaen Van Der Donck

“They depart...to a secluded place”

Native Americans Discover Europeans by  Chrestien Le Clercq

“The French have so little cleverness.”

Courtship, Marriage, and Gender Roles by  Chrestien Le Clercq

“The girl will never approve the suit, unless it be agreeable to her father.”

Childbirth and Infancy by  John Long

“From their infant state they endeavor to promote an independent spirit.”

Courtship, Marriage, and Gender Roles by  John Heckewelder

"Marriages among the Indians are not contracted for life."

Boyhood and Girlhood by  John Heckewelder

“A strong sentiment of respect for their elders.”

Boyhood and Girlhood by  Charles Eastman

"All the stoicism and patience of the Indian are acquired traits."

Boyhood and Girlhood by  Cries-for-salmon

"Little girls and boys together play at fishing and housekeeping."

Childbirth and Infancy by  Waiyautitsa

“It is the duty of Waiyautitsa's mother-in-law, the child's paternal grandmother, to look after mother and child during the confinement.”

Speech at the Opening of the National Museum of the American Indian by  Ben Nighthorse Campbell