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Postwar America: 1945 - 1960

The chapter examines the origins of the Cold War; the implementation of the Containment policy; the Korean War; and fear of Communist subversion at home. It also traces the beginnings of the Civil Rights movement; the emergence of youth culture; and postwar cultural critics, including the Beats.

The Cold War
The Truman Doctrine
The Containment Policy
The Chinese Revolution
Soviet Atomic Bomb
Korean War
The Death of Stalin and the Cold War
The Cold War in Developing Countries
The Military-Industrial Complex
Cuba and the Bay of Pigs Invasion
Cuban Missile Crisis
Tail-Gunner Joe
The Second Red Scare
Alger Hiss
Anti-Communism During the Early 1950s
Domestic Communism
The Rosenberg Case
Margaret Chase Smith: The Conscience of the Senate
McCarthy Condemned
Paranoid Style
Kefauver Committee
Emmett Till
Hearts and Minds
The Integration of Professional Sports
The Peace Corps
The Space Race
The Rise of the Sunbelt
The Interstate Highway System