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Sectional Conflict
Secession and the Civil War
Civil War
Civil War Casualties by Battle
Who was John Brown?
Civil War Deaths and 9/11

Lesson Plans

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UNIT 5: Civil War
Chapter 1: The Sections
Chapter 2: McCulloch v. Maryland
Chapter 3: The Tallmadge Amendment
Chapter 4: Democracy and President Jackson
Chapter 5: The Crisis of 1833: Tariffs and Nullification
Chapter 6: Andrew Jackson's War with the Bank of the United States
Chapter 7: Georgia and the Cherokees
Chapter 8: America's Manifest Destiny
Chapter 9: War with Mexico
Chapter 10: The Crisis of 1850
Chapter 11: Civil War in Kansas
Chapter 12: The Controversial Dred Scott Decision
Chapter 13: Lincoln vs. Douglas
Chapter 14: John Brown at Harper's Ferry
Chapter 15: Abraham Lincoln: Great or Reluctant Emancipator
Chapter 16: The Civil War Begins
Chapter 17: Why do People Fight? The Causes of the Civil War