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Federalists and Jeffersonians
Conflict Over Ratifying the Constitution
War of 1812

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UNIT 2: Writing the US Consitution - A Simulation
Chapter 1: Writing a Constitution
Chapter 2: The Men of Philadelphia
Chapter 3: The Age of Constitution Writing
Chapter 4: The Age of Social Change
Chapter 5: Paper Money and Shays’ Rebellion
Chapter 6: The Road to Philadelphia
Chapter 7: Representation: By State or by Population?
Chapter 8: Local Control vs. National Authority
Chapter 9: Majority Rule vs. Checks and Balances
Chapter 10: A Bill of Rights?
Chapter 11: Slavery and the Slave Trade
Chapter 12: The Constitution
Chapter 13: The Debate Over Ratifying the Constitution
Chapter 14: The Founding Father’s Motives

UNIT 3: The Federalist Era
Chapter 1: The New Nation
Chapter 2: Hamilton and Jefferson - The Men and Their Philosophies
Chapter 3: Paying the National Debt
Chapter 4: Hamilton, Jefferson, and the First National Bank of the United States
Chapter 5: The Whiskey Rebellion
Chapter 6: Neutrality And The Jay Treaty
Chapter 7: The Sedition Act and the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions
Chapter 8: The Election of 1800
Chapter 9: Jeffersonians in Office