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American Cultural History, 1960-1969
Digital History ID 4287

The purpose of this web and library guide is to help the user gain a broad understanding and appreciation for the culture and history of the 1960s.

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library: Integrating Ole Miss
Digital History ID 4288

Mississippi's refusal to integrate the campus in 1962 led to a showdown between state and federal authorities and the storming of the campus by a segregationist mob. Two people died and dozens were injured. In the end, Ole Miss, the state of Mississippi, and the nation were forever changed. This website lets visitors witness the events firsthand through the actual letters, recorded telephone conversations, and images of those who made history.

I Love the 60s
Digital History ID 4289

Although it has not been updated in several years, this British website hosted by the BBC has a wealth of resources about events as well as fashion and popular culture from the 1960s.