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The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century
Digital History ID 4263

This website is a re-design of the original website created for the airing of the eight-part series on PBS in 1996. The new site features an expanded map and battle section, dramatized audio recordings of letters and poems written by combatants and non-combatants in the war, as well as streaming video of archival footage taken during World War I. Additionally, the site features a new section called The Shaping of the 21st Century, where two of the series historians have commented on how The Great War is still having an affect upon the world, even in the new millennium.

Recordings from World War I and the 1920 Election
Digital History ID 4264

This Library of Congress website contains 59 one to five minute sound recordings of speeches by American leaders at the turn of the century on issues and events surrounding the First World War and the presidential election of 1920.

The World War I Document Archive
Digital History ID 4266

This website contains documents by year, Memorials, Personal Reminiscences, a WWI Biographical Dictionary, a WWI Image Archive, Special Topics and Commentaries, The Maritime War, The Medical Front, and Conventions, Treaties, & Official Papers.