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Recommended Websites

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The World of 1898: The Spanish American War
Digital History ID 4253

This Library of Congress website includes valuable information on the history of Puerto Rico and the Philippines.

The Spanish American War in Motion Pictures
Digital History ID 4255

This Library of Congress website contains 68 motion pictures produced between 1898 and 1901 of the Spanish-American War and the subsequent Philippine Revolution. The films show troops, ships, notable figures, and parades, as well as reenactments of battles and other war-time events. Brief essays provide historical context.

A War in Perspective: 1898-1998
Digital History ID 4252

This website from the New York Public Library examines the place of the Spanish American war in public memory.

Puerto Rico at the Dawn of the Modern Age: Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Perspectives
Digital History ID 4254

This site portrays the early history of the commonwealth of Puerto Rico through first-person accounts, political writings, and histories drawn from the Library of Congress's collections. It highlights the land and its resources, relations with Spain, the competition among political parties, reform efforts, and recollections by veterans of the Spanish-American War. Most materials in this collection are in Spanish.