Back to the Fatherland

From a stereograph copyright 1905
by Underwood & Underwood, NY

Not merely the dangerous elements are refused admission, but those who for reasons of ill health of mind or body, or inability to work, are likely to prove a hindrance rather than a help.

Following World War I, the United States took steps to close the door to large-scale foreign immigration. In 1921, the United States limited immigration according to a nation'based quota system. No more than 3 percdent of any given nationality in America in 1910 could immigrate annually to the United States. In 1924, the quota was lowered to 2 percent of each nationality residing in America in 1890. This act was clearly designed to restrict eastern and southern Europeans, for there were fewer of the new immigrants in the United States in 1890 than in 1910.

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