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At a time when all Europe is interested
in the fate of America you will forgive me Dear Madam
if I lay aside the ceremony usually observed when there
is no attachment that ____ either from Affection or
Esteem & again call of your attention when I have
not been _____ of the Welcome Reception of my Last
in that I hinted that the sword was half drawn from the
scabbard. Soon after which this people were obliged to un-
sheath it to repel the violence offered to individuals, &
the impotence of an attempt to seize the private property
of the subjects of the king of England. And thereby put it
out of their power to defend themselves against the Corrupt
Ministry of this Court. You have undoubtedly, Madam, been
Apprized of the Consequences of this hostile movement which
compelled the Americans to fly to arms in Defense of all that is held
dear and sacred among Mankind. And the public papers as well
as private accounts have witnessed to the Bravery of the
peasants of Lexington & the spirit of freedom Breathed from
the Inhibitants of the surrounding Villages. You have
been told of the distresses of the people of Boston.
Harmful Violation a ____ which will leave a stain on
the Memory of it certain general offices so long as the
obligation of