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Unidentified Mexican Soldier, April 5, 1836

Dear brothers of my heart; God our Lord receive thanks, because the triumph of our forces are multiplied. The ungrateful and proud colonists who made us suffer so many days of unpleasantness in the previous campaigns have now succumbed to the fate brought about by their imprudent rashness. After thirteen days of continuous fire, his excellency the President ordered at 2:00 A.M., the night before last, that the fortifications at the Alamo be attacked: to make this effective four columns were readied, being commanded by General Cos and Colonels Juan Morales, D.N. Duque de Estrada y Romero. I was under the orders of General Cos and therefore will relate what I saw at close range.

After a roundabout approach we stopped at 3:00 A.M. on the north side, about 300 paces from the enemy's fort and there the column which consisted of the Aldama and part of that of San Luis Potosi. We remained on the ground until 5:30 (the morning felt quite cool) when the signal to march was given by his Excellency the President, from his battery situated to the northeast. Immediately Mr. Cos yelled-on your feet! and placing himself at the head of the forces, we ran to the assault. Ladders, beam, bars, pick axes &c were carried for that purpose; although the distance was short, we suffered through canister shots that shot down more than forty men: the tenacious resistance of our enemy was to be admired and the dauntless steadiness of all the generals, chiefs, officers and troops: it seemed as though the shot and bullets from the cannons, muskets and rifles of the enemy found their mark on the chests of our soldiers, who ceaselessly shouted Long Live the Mexican Republic! Long Live General Santa Anna!

I assure you that all signs of fear or terror disappeared at the sight of so many brave men by ladders, by batteries, by embrasures and even over one another clambered over the walls. The four columns and the reserves as if by a charm at the same time climbed the enemy's wall and threw themselves inside his enclosure after about three quarters of an hour under horrible fire which when ended was followed by a horrid battle at sword point; and afterwards a pitiful but unavoidable massacre of the ungrateful colonists took place, some throwing down their arms and attempting to flee or hide. Miserable ones! They no longer exist: they all died, all and up to now I have seen burned (to avoid putrefaction) 257 bodies not counting the previous ones of the thirteen days, or those being caught, who attempted to escape.

The chief they called Travis died like a brave man with his gun in his hand, in back of a cannon; but the pervert and braggart Santiago Bowie, died like a woman, almost hidden under a mattress. On our side we suffered heavy losses both of officers and troops, and about 200 wounded, a regrettable loss but small if one considers the strong position of the enemy and its kind. The former insult which we have received has been avenged. His Excellency the President made a beautiful speech to all of the divisions inside the Alamo in view of the dead enemies, and is pleased with everyone's behavior.


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