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Historic Speeches

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Renunciation Speech by President Lyndon Johnson Digital History ID 4307
In this speech, President Johnson restates his offer to the North Vietnamese to begin talks for making peace, and he discusses the economic problems and solutions in the United States. At the end of the speech, after urging both Congress and Americans to end their divisions, the President announces his decision not to seek re-election.
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Engines of Our Ingenuity

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Maya Lin's Memorial Digital History ID 4514
Maya Lin was born in Athens, Ohio, the year Kennedy was elected President. She was the Chinese-American daughter of two college professors. Our long slide into the Vietnam War had barely begun. Maya Lin was too young to've been involved in the domestic conflict that tore America apart as the war ran its course. By 1980, with the war long since lost, she was studying architecture at Yale. Her generation had given scant thought to the 58,000 Americans who'd died in Vietnam.
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