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Quiz on the Gilded Age

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1. Why did Congress enact a Civil Service system?

a. Because of public outrage over government corruption. b. Because of the assassination of President James Garfield c. Because the Supreme Court ruled that the spoils system was unconstitutional

2. The basic problem facing farmers in the late 19th century was

a. inflation b. high foreign tariffs c. overproduction d. drought

3. Farmers sought to solve their problems in all but one of the following ways. Select the EXCEPTION.

a. by organizing a third political party b. by establishing cooperatives c. by diversifying their crops and cutting production d. by advocating anti-trust legislation and regulation of railroad rates

4. The Populists favored all but one of the following. Select the EXCEPTION.

a. inflation of the currency b. abolition of banks c. a graduated income tax d. primary elections and direct election of Senators

5. In 1896,

a. farmers and urban laborers joined together to achieve a victory in the presidential election b. the Republican candidate, William McKinley, won by the largest margin in any election since the Civil War c. the country was evenly divided between the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates

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