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A Song of Resistance
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Annotation: Corridos not only provide a graphic record of the injustices that Mexican American suffered—including land loss, cattle and horse theft, and lynchings—but also celebrated outlaws who stood up to defend the honor of the Mexican American community.

Document: In nineteen hundred fifteen, oh but the days were hot! I am going to sing these stanzas, stanzas about the seditionists….

In that well-know place called Norias, it really got hot for them; a great many bullets rained down on those cursed riches [Texas Rangers].

Now the fuse is lit by the true-born Mexicans, and it will be the Texas-Mexicans who will have to pay the price….

The seditionists are leaving, they have gone into retreat; They have left us a red swath to remember them by.

The seditionists are leaving, they said that they would return; But they didn’t tell us when because they had no way of knowing….

Source: “Los Sediciosos” (The Seditionists), 1915

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