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A Tejano Leader Calls for Support of the Texas Revolution
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Author:   Juan Nepomuceno Seguin

Annotation: The Texas Revolution cannot be reduced to a culture war between Anglos and Tejanos. Some Tejanos, including Colonel Juan Nepomuceno Seguín of San Antonio actively supported the revolution. Here, he issues a call for support for the Texas Revolution.

Document: Fellow Citizens: your conduct on this day is going to decide your fate before the general government of Texas. If you maintain your post as mere lookers-on; if you do not abandon the city and retire into the interior of Texas, that its army may protect you, you will, without fail, be treated as real enemies, and will suffer accordingly. My ties of birth and the friendship I entertain towards you, cause me to desire your happiness, and I therefore address you in that spirit of truth which in me is characteristic. TEXIANS! render every possible assistance, and soon shall you enjoy your liberty and your property, which is the wish of your country man and friend,

John N. Seguin Bexar, 21st June, 1836

Source: Juan N. Seguín, Telegraph and Texas Register, September 21, 1836. Telegraph and Texas Register, November 9, 1836.

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