Answers to the Quiz on America at the End of the 20th Century

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1. Public respect for the office of the presidency eroded in the late 1960s and early 1970s for all but one of the following reasons. Select the EXCEPTION.

c. The discovery that President Lyndon B. Johnson had had an affair with a White House intern

2. For his role in the Watergate affair, Richard Nixon was

b. forced to resign the presidency

3. To curb the powers of the president and eliminate corruption in presidential campaigns, Congress enacted all but one of the following measures in the early 1970s. Select the EXCEPTION.

d. It restricted a president to two terms in office

4. Which was NOT a major economic problems during the 1970s?

e. a sharply falling stock market

5. All but one of the following suggested that the United States was losing influence in world affairs during the 1970s. Select the EXCEPTION.

d. Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait

6. Which was NOT part of Richard Nixon’s efforts to restore American influence in foreign affairs?

c. He helped establish NATO, a military alliance combining the United States, Canada, and nations in Western Europe

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