Quiz 2 on the Vietnam War

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1. What event in 1963 probably had the greatest effect on the future of the Vietnam War?

2. What resolution, named after a body of water, formed the legal underpinning of U.S. military action in Vietnam?

3. What three-word expression (the middle word is "and") described the basic military tactic used by U.S. and South Vietnamese troops against the Vietcong?

4. What was the main system of Communist supply routes called?

5. What major action starting Jan. 30, 1968 - a Vietnamese holiday - dramatically changed the character of the war?

6. Whom did Seymour Hersh describe as "a mild-mannered, boyish- looking Vietnam combat veteran with the nickname of Rusty?"

7. Who declared April 5, 1971 to be "American fighting man's day" in Georgia?

8. What demoralizing documents began to run in the New York Times on June 13, 1971?

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