Answers to Quiz 1 on the Vietnam War

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1. Name the anti-communist military alliance organized by John Foster Dulles in 1954 to promote U.S. interests in this region of the world.

Southeast Treaty Organization (SEATO)

2. Which university in 1970 witnessed the first killing of U.S. student protesters?

Kent State

3. What did President Nixon call his policy to replace U.S. ground troops with South Vietnamese?


4. Ho Chi Minh modeled the Democratic Republic of (North) Vietnam's 1946 statement of national independence after which country's?


5. Which country provided up to 80% of the cost of France's military effort to restore its colonial rule in 1946-54?


6. Name the lengthy North Vietnamese supply route that started in the north and ended in South Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh Trail

7. Lt. William Calley Jr. was convicted of leading a massacre of South Vietnamese men, women and children in what village?

My Lai

8. What is the popular name given the 1964 congressional resolution giving President Johnson a proxy for a formal declaration of war?

Tonkin Gulf Resolution

9. Name the 1968 communist military campaign that turned U.S. public opinion decisively against the war.

Tet Offensive

10. What is the popular name given the harmful defoliant used by U.S. forces during the conflict?

Agent Orange

11. Name the psychological impairment of troops that used to be called shell shock or battle fatigue.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

12. What was the name given President Eisenhower's theory claiming if Vietnam fell, other countries would soon follow?

Domino theory

13. What was the site of the peace talks between the U.S. and North Vietnam that produced the treaty leading to U.S. withdrawal from the war in 1973?


14. By what measure did the U.S. Military Advisory Command measure progress in its war plan?

a "body count";

15. What is the name given to the U.S. bombing campaign that significantly widened the war in 1965?

Operation Rolling Thunder

16. What 1954 international agreement brought an end to the French Indochina War and called for general elections to reunify North and South Vietnam in 1956?

Geneva Agreement

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