Quiz on the 1960s

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1. What was the new tactic that civil rights activists adopted in the early 1960s to end segregation?

a. court challenges to segregation ordinances b. non-violent direct action c. terrorist attacks

2. Which was NOT a major achievement of the Civil Rights movement during the 1960s?

a. The desegregation of the armed forces b. Enactment of legislation prohibiting discrimination in housing and employment c. A prohibition against literacy tests and poll taxes

3. Which of the following was NOT an achievement of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society program?

a. Medicare and Medicaid, providing medical care for the elderly and the poor b. The Voting Rights Act, authorizing federal officials to register voters c. The Immigration Act, eliminating quotas on certain parts of the world d. The Housing Act, funding low-income housing e. The Peace Corps, sending Americans to work on projects for economic and social betterment in underdeveloped countries

4. The women’s movement was able to achieve all but one of the following goals. Select the EXCEPTION.

a. An executive order requiring affirmative action in employment by government contractors b. Ratification of an Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex. c. Legislation prohibiting sexual harassment in schools and mandating equality in school activities, including athletics

5. Cesar Chavez succeeded in

a. halting the Bracero Plan, a special program for Mexican workers. b. organizing migratory farm workers c. forming a Hispanic political party in the Southwest, calling for improved public services and an end to job discrimination

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