Quiz on the Great Depression

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1. Which of the following did NOT contribute to the coming of the Great Depression?

a. high levels of unemployment b. falling farm prices c. overproduction d. high tariff rates e. a poor distribution of wealth and income

2. The primary beneficiaries of New Deal farm programs were

a. sharecroppers b. tenant farmers c. large farmers

3. New Deal farm programs sought to

a. mechanize agriculture in order to make farming more efficient b. reduce production by having farmers take land out of cultivation c. trim farmers debts by providing low-interest rate government loans

4. The New Deal assisted workers by

a. funding public works projects b. mandating an eight-hour day c. guaranteeing labor the right to organize d. all of the above e. none of the above

5. The New Deal

a. eliminated Depression unemployment b. broke up large corporations c. established new laws protecting the rights of women and racial minorities d. restored public morale

6. Which of the following was NOT accomplished by the New Deal?

a. Wealth was radically redistributed. b. American workers received unemployment insurance and old age pensions c. Impoverished children were provided with welfare payments d. Farmers received a guaranteed minimum income

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