Quiz on the Progressive Era

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1. Which of the following was NOT a goal of Progressives at the municipal level?

a. closure of red-light districts b. non-partisan city elections c. easing voter registration requirements in order to increase voter turnout

2. At the state level, Progressives supported all of the following EXCEPT

a. direct election of Senators b. poll tax c. initiative, referendum, and recall

3. Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle exposed

a. the exploitation of women and children in the nation’s factories b. corruption in the oil industry c. unsanitary conditions in the nation’s meat-packing industry

4. The Constitutional Amendments adopted during the Progressive Era did all but one of the following. Select the EXCEPTION

a. prohibited the sale and manufacture of alcohol b. authorized a federal income tax c. extended the vote to women d. outlawed child labor e. provided for the direct election of Senators

5. Which of the following was NOT achieved during Woodrow Wilson’s presidency?

a. the tariff was reduced b. a federal income tax was instituted c. racial segregation was imposed in government offices< d. an 8-hour workday was established

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