Quiz on Reconstruction

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1. Slavery was abolished in the United States by

a. the Emancipation Proclamation b. act of Congress c. the 13th Amendment to the Constitution

2. The Freedman’s Bureau was established to:

a. transport freed slaves to the North b. provide former slaves with food, clothing, and education c. establish public works projects d. redistribute planters’ land to former slaves

3. After the Civil War, most African Americans

a. worked on plantations as farm laborers b. moved to cities c. became sharecroppers, renting land in exchange for a share of their crop

4. Which of the following was NOT a part of the Republican Congress’ program for Reconstruction?

a. The confiscation of the land of large planters b. The protection of the civil rights of former slaves c. The imposition of military rule upon the former Confederacy d. The repudiation of all Confederate debts

5. The Black Codes

a. prevented former slaves from owning or renting land b. prohibited racial intermarriage c. protected the civil rights of African Americans

6. Which of the following did NOT contribute to the end of Reconstruction?

a. Violent intimidation of African American voters by the Ku Klux Klan and other terrorist organizations b. A split within the Republican party over corruption in the Grant Administration c. Public outrage over the impeachment of Andrew Johnson

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