Quiz on Westward Expansion

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1. Settlement of the Great Plains was mainly delayed by

a. Opposition from Spain b. The absence of adequate transportation c. The myth that it was the Great American Desert

2. The major force that encouraged Americans to move to Texas, California, and the Pacific Northwest was

a. government encouragement b. gold c. land hunger

3. When Americans moved into Texas and the Southwest, the region was

a. unpopulated virgin land b. claimed by Spain and later by Mexico c. governed exclusively by Indian tribes

4. The idea that the United States was ordained by God to spread across the continent is called

a. noblesse oblige b. laissez faire c. manifest destiny

5. When American moved to Texas in the early and mid-1820s, the Mexican government required them to:

a. learn Spanish and convert to Catholicism b. become Mexican citizens c. free their slaves

6. The United States acquired the Pacific Northwest as a result of

a. war with Russia b. purchase from Russia c. negotiations with Britain

7. The person who led the Mormons to the Great Salt Lake was

a. Joseph Smith b. Brigham Young c. Marcus Whitman

8. The Mormons were persecuted because they threatened all but one of the following values. Select the EXCEPTION.

a. Private property b. Separation of church and state c. Religious piety d. Monogamous marriage

9. The Mexican War

a. aroused strong opposition from many Americans b. was fought entirely outside the United States c. provided many future Civil War leaders with their first experience in combat d. all of the above e. none of the above

10. All but one of the following were results of the Mexican War. Select the EXCEPTION.

a. The United States acquired half of Mexico b. Northerners and Southerners divided over the Wilmot Proviso c. 80,000 Mexicans became citizens of the United States d. all of the above e. none of the above

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