Answers to the Quiz on Pre-Civil War Reform

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1. The religious revivals that spread across the nation before the Civil War inspired a widespread sense that:

d. all of the above

2. In 1820,

a. Americans drank more than twice as much alcohol as they do today

3. The first state to adopt a law to prohibit the sale and manufacture of alcohol was

a. Maine in 1851

4. Most pre-Civil War reformers blamed crime on:

b. environment and faulty childrearing

5. At the beginning of the 19th century,

c. formal schooling was largely limited to those who could afford to pay.

6. The leader in the effort to provide humane care for the mentally ill was

b. Dorothea Dix

7. Abolitionists believed in all but one of the following. Select the EXCEPTION.

c. That no compensation should be paid to slave owners

8. In the North, the appearance of abolition in the 1830s was greeted with

c. hostile violence

9. In 1840, the antislavery movement divided over the issue of

b. women’s rights

10. The first African American fugitive slave to publicly speak against slavery was

c. Frederick Douglass

11. The first women’s rights convention in history was held in 1848 in

c. Seneca Falls, New York

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