Quiz on the Jacksonian Era

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1. In 1820,

a. There were two competing parties in national politics b. There was one-party government in national politics c. There was a party concentrated in New England and another party in the South and West

2. Which of the following contributed to the emergence of the Democratic party? a. The financial panic of 1819 b. The political division over slavery in Congress in 1819 and 1820 c. The controversy over choosing a success to James Monroe in 1824 d. All of the abovee. None of the above

3. The Whig party grew out of all but one of the following groups. Select the EXCEPTION. a. The Anti-Mason b. The Know-Nothings c. The National Republicans

4. In the election of 1824 a. John Quincy Adams won the most electoral votes b. Andrew Jackson won the most electoral votes c. The House of Representatives selected the president

5. Which of the following statements about Andrew Jackson is FALSE? a. He was the first president to fire a cabinet officer b. He was the first president to use federal troops to pub down a labor strike. c. He was the first president to open diplomatic relations with the Far East d. He was the first president to declare that the Union could not be peacefully dissolved e. He was the first president to be born west of the Mississippi River

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