Answers to the Quiz on the Jeffersonian Era

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1. Thomas Jefferson viewed the _____ as God's chosen people.

d. yeoman farmer

2. Jefferson supported all of the following EXCEPT

e. a loose interpretation of the Constitution

3. Had it not been for the 3/5ths Compromise, this man would have been elected president in 1800.

c. John Adams

4. As president, Jefferson

d. all of the above

5. President Jefferson

d. all of the above

6. As President, Jefferson

d. all of the above

7. To support Jefferson's principles, Congress did all but one of the following. Select the EXCEPTION.

d. It revoked the charter of the Bank of the United States

8. Which of the following statements about the Louisiana Purchase is FALSE?

c. It required the adoption of a Constitutional Amendment to permit government purchases of land

9. The Supreme Court case of Marbury v. Madison

b. established the principle of judicial review

10. The Jeffersonians

c. impeached and removed one federal judge and brought proceedings against a Supreme Court Justice

11. Why was Aaron Burr tried for treason?

c. for plotting to set up an independent nation in the Mississippi valley

12. Impressment involved the

b. forcible conscription of American seamen into the British navy

13. The Battle of New Orleans

b. occurred after the War of 1812 was over

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