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Exploration 5: Music of the Vietnam Era

Identify one of the following songs and discuss its themes, imagery, and significance.

1. Ain’t Marchin’ Anymore by Phil Ochs - 1965
(Lyrics) (Listen to a sample)

2. Ballad of the Green Berets by Sgt. Barry Sadler - 1965
(Lyrics) (Background) (Listen to a sample)

3. Draft Dodger Rag by Phil Ochs - 1965
(Lyrics) (Listen to a sample)

4. Eve of Destruction written by PF Sloan, sung by Barry McGuire - 1965
(Lyrics) (Listen to a sample)

5. Fixin’ to Die Rag by Joe McDonald - 1965
(Lyrics) (Listen)

6. Soldier Boy written by Luther Dixon, sung by the Shirelles - 1962
(Lyrics) (Listen to a sample)

7. The Times They Are A-Changin words and music Bob Dylan
- 1964
(Lyrics) (Listen)

8. War written by Barrett Strong and Norman Whitfield, sung by Edwin Starr - 1970
(Lyrics) (Listen to a sample)

9. Where Have All the Flowers Gone? written by Pete Seeger and Joe Hickerson, sung by Pete Seeger - 1961
(Lyrics) (Listen to a sample) (Listen to Pete Seeger talk about the origins of the song)

10. Love Me, I’m a Liberal by Phil Ochs - 1966
(Lyrics) (Listen to a sample)

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