Document 4. Hanoi's Four Points
Delivered by Pham Van Dong
Hanoi Radio, April 13, 1965

The unswerving policy of the DRV government is to respect strictly the 1954 Geneva agreements on Vietnam and to implement correctly their basic provision as embodied in the following points:

1 - Recognition of the basic national rights of the Vietnamese people - peace, independence, sovereignty, unity, and territorial integrity. According to the Geneva agreements, the U.S. government must withdraw from South Vietnam U.S. troops, military personnel, and weapons of all kinds, dismantle all U.S. military bases there, and cancle its military alliance with South Vietnam. It must end its policy of intervention and aggression in South Vietnam. According to the Geneva agreements, the U.S. government must stop its acts of war against North Vietnam and completely cease all encroachments on the territory and sovereignty of the DRV.

2 - Pending the peaceful reunification of Vietnam, while Vietnam is still temporarily divided int two zones, the military provisions of the 1954 Geneva agreements on Vietnam must be strictly respected. The two zones must refrain from entering into any military alliance with foreign countries and there must be no foreign military bases, troops, or military personnel in their respective territory.

3 - The internal affairs of South Vietnam must be settled by the South Vietnamese people themselves in accordance with the program of the NLF without any foreign interference.

4 - The peaceful reunification of Vietnam is to be settled by the Vietnamese people in both zones, without any foreign inteference.

Pham Van Dong presented these "Four Points" as a "basis for the soundest political settlement" and as a "basis for discussion."

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