Beijing, 8 April 1965 (1)

Le Duan: We want some volunteer pilots, volunteers soldiers...and other volunteers, including road and bridge engineering units. Liu Shaoqi: It is our policy that we will do our best to support you. We will offer whatever you are in need of and we are in a position to offer...If you do not invite us, we will not come; and if you invite one unit of our troops, we will send that unit to you. The initiative will be completely yours.

Le Duan: We want the Chinese volunteer pilots to play a role in four respects: (1) to restrict American bombing to areas south of the 20th or 19th parallels; (2) to defend the safety of Hanoi; (3) to defend several main transportation lines; and (4) to raise the morale of the Vietnamese people.

1. The same day as the DRV issued its four point peace formula in response to President Johnson's declared readiness for "unconditional discussions."

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