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The Battle of Saratoga

Come unto me, ye heroes,
And I the truth will tell
Concerning many a soldier
Who for his country fell.
Burgoyne, the King's commander
And cursed Tory crew,
With Indians and Canadians
He up the Champlain flew.

He up the Champlain flew,
He up the Champlain flew,
With Indians and Canadians
He up the Champlain flew.

Before the Ticonderoga,
Full well both night and day
Their motions we observed
Before the bloody fray;
Burgoyne sent Baum to Bennington,
With Hessians there he went,
To plunder and to murder
Was fully their intent.

Was fully their intent,
Was fully their intent,
To plunder and to murder,
Was fully their intent.

But little did they know then
With whom they had to deal.
It was not quite so easy
Our stores and stocks to steal.
Stark would give them only
A portion of his lead,
With half his crew ere sunset,
Baum lay among the dead.


The 19th of September,
The morning cool and clear,
Gates addressed the army
Each soldier's heart to cheer.
Burgoyne, he cried, advances,
But we will never fly,
But rather than surrender,
We'll fight until we die!


The Seventh of October,
They did capitulate,
Burgoyne and his proud army
We did our prisoners make.
And vain was their endeavor
Our men to terrify
Though death was all around us,
Not one of us would fly!


Now here's a health to Herkimer
And our commander Gates!
To Freedom and to Washington
Whom every Tory hates.
Likewise unto our Congress -
God grant it long to reign-
Our country, rights and justice
Forever to maintain!

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