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The Government Responds to the Plight of the Young

Through the National Youth Administration and the Civilian Conservation Corps, the federal government attempted to assist young people and their families. Another important government innovation of the 1930s was Aid to Dependent Children. For the first time, the federal government provided financial assistance to families without a wage earner.


  • George T. Nixon described life in a CCC camp
  • Like the military during World War II, the programs of the CCC and the National Youth Administration brought young people of diverse ethnic backgrounds together, as C.W. Kirkpatrick, a CCC enrollee, explains.
  • At the same time that the federal government launched the CCC and the National Youth Administration to assist unemployed youth, Nazi German set up youth organizations of its own, designed to indoctrinate the young in Nazi principles.
  • In Nazi German, some young people embraced Hitler’s efforts to indoctrinate the youth in extreme nationalistic principles.

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