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Come gentle muse and touch a strain,
'Twill echo back the sound again--
On scenes that pass'd we now must dwell,
When old John Brown arrived in Hell.

When Pluto heard old Brown was hung
Old Tophet with Hosannas rung;
For well they knew the lying thief,
Would make for them an honored chief.

Brown to receive they now prepare,
All eager in the joy to share;
Old Satan from his throne came down
And left his seat for Old John Brown

Not long, indeed, for him they wait,
For soon he thunder'd at the gate.
"Come in," says Pluto, "Quickly come,
You're welcome to your fiery home."

Three cheers roll'd forth in accents brief
To hail the Abolition chief--
Old John chim'd in, and thank the Fates--
He'd safely passed the pearly gates.

While Arnold held him by the hand,
Old Satan took the Speaker's stand--
"Silence," cried he, "Now all sit down.
And hear me welcome brother Brown."

"You're welcome, John, to your reward,
You've cheated Riddle and the Lord--
Though pearly gates wide open flew,
The catch my servant true.

As oft you've murdered, lied and stole,
It did rejoice my burning soul;
You've run your length in earth's career,
And we are pleased to see you here.

You'll take your seat at my left hand,
Why I do this you'll understand;
Be not surprised, when I tell you,
Old Abraham is coming too.

There on my right, that vacant chair,
Long since for him I did prepare--
And soon I know that he will come--
His earthly race is almost run.

John at my left, Abe at my right,
We'll give the heavenly hosts a fight;
A triune group we then shall be,
Yes, three in one and one in three.

Abe's Cabinet, 'tis very true,
Will soon knock here as loud as you--
In short, the negroizing clan,
Are traveling here unto a man.

I shall protest, most long and loud,
'Gainst taking in the motley crowd--
For well I know they'd me dethrone,
And swear that Tophet was their own.

Let Sumner, Stevens, and their host,
When they on earth give up the ghost--
Unto a lower hell appear;
We have no room for them up here.

The Clergy, too, I much do fear.
Attraction's law will draw them here--
Their earthly teachings--though I tell,
Are doctrines long since preached in hell.

They, too, must find a lower home,
For hither sure they shall not come--
We are crowded now in every spot,
Save here and there a vacant lot.

These I've reserved through all our fights,
For those who have pre-emption rights;
That corner lot's for Backbone Tod,
A renegade accursed of God.

The traitor here from his own place
Can view the scenes at Fortress Chase--
Laugh at the woes of his old friends,
Till his curs'd life in horror ends.

There's other traitors I could tell,
They are too mean to come to hell--
So let each go and hunt his hole,
For green backs here won't pay their toll.

And now, O! John, on earth oppress'd,
You are with us a welcome guest;
On earth you played our part full well,
So now with us forever dwell.

BALT., March, 1863...........C. T. A., Printer.


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