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John Brown to his wife, Mary, March 2, 1858

Source: Sanford, John Brown, 442-443

I received yours of the 17th of February yesterday; was very glad of it, and to know that you had got the ten dollars safe. I am having a constant series of both great encouragements and discour¬agements, but am yet able to say, in view of all, "hitherto the Lord hath helped me." I shall send Salmon something as soon as I can, and will try to get you the articles you mention. I find a much more earnest feeling among the colored people than ever before; but that is by no means unusual. On the whole, the language of Provi¬dence to me would certainly seem to say, "Try on." I flatter myself that I may be able to go and see you again before a great while; but I may not be able. I long to see you all. All were well with John and Jason a few days since. I had a good visit with Mr. Sanborn at Gerrit Smith's a few days ago. It would be no very strange thing if he should join me. May God abundantly bless you alll No one writes me but you.

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