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John Brown to Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Rochester, New York, February 12, 18t8

Source: Sanford, John Brown, 444-445

I have just read your kind letter of the 8th instant, & will now say that Rail Road business on a somewhat extended scale, is the identical object for which I am trying to get means. I have been connected with that business as commonly conducted from my boy¬hood &, never let an opportunity slip. I have been opperating to some purpose the past season: but I now have a measure on foot that I feel sure would awaken in you something more than a com¬mon interest; if you could understand it. I have just written my friends G L Stearns, & F B Sanborn, asking them to meet me for consultation at Gerrit Smiths, Peterboro. I am very anxious to have you come along; certain as 1 feel; that you will never regret having been one of the council. I would most gladly pay your expenses had I the means to spare. Will you come on? Please write as before.

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