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F.B. Sanborn to Thomas Wentworth Higginson, February 11, 1858

Source: Thomas Wentworth Higginson Papers in the Boston Public Library, Boston, Massachusetts.

I have received two letters from J. B. in which he speaks of a plan but does not say what it is. Still I have confidence enough in him to trust him with the moderate sum he asks for if I had it¬without knowing his plan Morton writes me from Gerrit Smith's that with from 5 to 800 $ J. B. hopes to do more than has yet been done; wishes to raise the money in two months Meanwhile he is staying up with Douglass (Fred) at Rochester, and avoids publicity as much as possible. In his last letter he says he shall probably con¬tinue to see me and I think he will be in Boston before long¬He expects "to overthrow slavery in a large part of the country." E. B. Whitman writes me from Lawrence that Brown has disap¬peared and has been of little service to them adding that some say he is insane
This of course is not so If you can aid Brown in any sub¬stantial way please do so for I do not well see how I can, though I shall try Mr Smith has sent him $100 Has B. written to you? I judge so I should not wonder if his plan contemplates an up¬rising of slaves though he has not said as much to me -

The Union is evidently on its last legs and Buchannan is labor¬ing to tear it in pieces Treason will not be treason much longer, but patriotism -
Write me if you can do anything for B -

Is it true that [?] is going to Syracuse?

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