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Interview with Mrs. John Brown

Source: The New York Times, November 18, 1859.

Is he Insane?

I then put the question which I had been chiefly solicitious to ask, "It is the common talk of the newspapers that Capt. Brown is insane; what do you say to that opinion?"

"I never knew," she replied "of his insanity, until I read it in the newspapers. He is a clear headed man. He has always been, and now is, entirely in his right mind. He is always cool, deliberate, and never over hasty; but he has always considered that his first perceptions of duty, and his first impulses to action, were the best, and the safest to be followed. He has almost always acted upon his first suggestions. No, he is not insane. His reason is clear. His last act was the result, as all others have been, of his truest and strongest conscientious convictions."


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