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Deposition of David L. King, November 15, 1859

Source: The New York Times, November 18, 1859.

I, David L. King of the town of Akron County of Summit & State Ohio being [illegible word] duly sworn, depose and say that I have been slightly acquainted with John Brown for from five to eight years and have considered him as lacking a "balance wheel"about the 1st of April last having some business with a son of said Brown on a farm about 4 miles distant from this village on my return I was requested to take said John Brown & two of his Kansas followers in my wagon to town on the way I passed the time in conversation with Mr Brown & became convinced that on the subject of slavery he was crazy he was armed to the teeth & remarked among other things that he was an "instrument in the hands of God to free the slaves" I asked his followers if they were relatives of Mr Brown they said no that they were all "Sons of Liberty" & were on there way to Kansas to engage in the good work & that they always went armed & would never be taken alive


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