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Timeline for Immigration
(05/06)  Congress enacts the Chinese Exclusion Act, prohibiting the immigration of Chinese laborers for ten years. The restriction was eventually made permanent. (Digital History ID 569)
  President Grover Cleveland vetoes literacy bill for immigrants
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(05/19)  President Warren Harding signs a restrictive immigration quota act which limits yearly immigration to a maximum of 3 percent of any nationality‚Äôs numbers in 1910. A 1924 act reduced the limit to 2 percent of the number in 1890. (Digital History ID 1485)
(10/03)  The Immigration Reform Act of 1965 abolishes the national quota system of immigration. (Digital History ID 931)
(06/15)  The Supreme Court rules that undocumented immigrant have a right to free public education. (Digital History ID 1359)

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