Postwar Era  
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Images of Postwar Era

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Harry Truman campaign speech.
Dwight D. Eisenhower.
For justice and peace / by the Wives of the Hollywood Ten.
Truman initiating Korean involvement.
Fighting with the 2nd Inf. Div., Korea.
Crossing the 38th parallel.
Atomic bomb test.
To Secure Justice in the Rosenberg Case.
Bombing in Korea.
Korean civilians.
I like Ike.
Bust of Adali E. Stevenson.
Map of the Presidential Election of 1952.
Eisenhower and Dulles.
Map of the Presidential Election of 1956.
Eisenhower signing Civil Rights Act.
Eisenhower with civil rights leaders.
TV in the 50s.
Eisenhower and Khrushchev.
Eisenhower and Kennedy.
Kennedy debates Nixon.
Kennedy and Johnson.
Map of the Presidential Election of 1960.
Kennedy and Khrushchev.
Kennedy and Khrushchev.
John F. Kennedy.
Kennedy meets ambassador Nehru.
Cuban missile sites.

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