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Historically Significant Court Cases in American History

Primary Sources and Trial Transcripts

1692Salem Witchcraft Trials

1735John Peter Zenger

1741Negro Plot Trial
#The Negro Plot Trial of

1770Boston Massacre Trials

1807Burr Conspiracy Trial burr/burrtrial.html

1839Amistad Trials

1859John Brown Trial

1862Dakota Conflict Trials

1865Lincoln Assassination Trials

1865Henry Wirz Trial (Andersonville Prison)

1868Impeachment of Andrew Johnson

1873Susan B. Anthony Trial

1881Charles Guiteau Trial Guiteau Trial(1881)

1886Haymarket Trial

1893Lizzie Borden Trial Borden Trial

1907Bill Haywood Trial

1907Henry Thaw Trials Thaw Trials

1907Sheriff Shipp Trial

1911Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Trial

1913Leo Frank Trial

1921Black Sox Trial

1921Sacco and Vanzetti

1921“Fatty” Arbuckle Trials Arbuckle

1924Leopold and Loeb

1925Scopes Trial

1925Sweet Trials

1931Scottsboro Boys

1935Hauptmann (Lindbergh) Trial

1945Nuremberg Trials

1949Alger Hiss Trials

1951Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

1954Sam Sheppard Trials

1967Mississippi Burning Trial

1969Chicago 7 Trial

1970My Lai Courtmartial of Lieutenant William Calley

1970Charles Manson Trial

1976Patty Hearst Trial Hearst Trial

1977Randall Adams “Thin Blue Line” Trial

1977Leonard Peltier Trial

1982John Hinckley, Jr., Trial

1987McMartin Preschool Trial

1987Bernard Goetz Trial

1988Kelly Michaels Trial

1991William Kennedy Smith Trial

1992Rodney King Beating Trial

1995O.J. Simpson Trial


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