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Fourth Reconstruction Act
March 11, 1868
An Act to amend the Act . . . [Of March 23, I867]

Be it enacted . . ., That hereafter any election authorized by the act [of March 23, I867] . . ., shall be decided by a majority of the votes actually cast; and at the election in which the question
of the adoption or rejection of any constitution is submitted, any person duly registered in the State may vote in the election district where he offers to vote when he has resided therein for ten days next preceding such election, upon presentation of his certificate of registration, his affidavit, or other satisfactory evidence, under such regulations as the district commanders may prescribe.

SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That the constitutional convention of any of the States mentioned in the acts to which this is amendatory may provide that at the time of voting upon the ratification of the constitution the registered voters may vote also for members of the House of Representatives of the United States and for all elective officers provided for by the said constitution; and the same election officers who shall make the return of the votes cast on the ratification or rejection of the constitution, shall enumerate and certify the votes cast for members of Congress.

SEC. 6. ..The true intent and meaning of the oath prescribed in said supplementary act is, (among other things,) that no person who has been a memeberof the legislature of any State, or who has held any executive or jduicial office in any State, whether he has taken an oath to support he Constitution of the United States or not, and whether he was holding such office at the commencement of the rebellion, or had held it before, and who has afterwards engaed in insurrection or rebellion against hte United States, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof, is entitled to be registered or to vote; and the words "executive or jduicial office in any state" in said oath mentioned shall be construed to include all civil offices created by law for hte adminstation of any general law of a State, or for the administration of justice.

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