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Native Americans Discover Europeans
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Author:   The Gentleman of Elvas

Annotation: A member of Hernando de Soto's expedition (perhaps Alvaro Fernandez) recorded the reaction of a Creek Chief to de Soto's Arrival at the Village of Achese in Georgia.

Document: Very high, powerful, and good master. The things that seldom happen bring astonishment. Think, then, what must be the effect, on me and mine, of the sight of you and your people, whom we have at no time seen, astride the fierce brutes, your horses, entering with such speed and fury into my country, that we had no tidings of your coming--things so altogether new, as to strike awe and terror into our hearts, which it was not our nature to resist, so that we should receive you with the sobriety due to so kingly and famous a lord. Trusting to your greatness and personal qualities, I hope no fault will be found in me, and that I shall rather receive favors, of which one is that with my person, my country, and my vassals, you will do as with your own things; and another, that you will tell me who you are, whence you come, whither you go, and what it is you seek, that I may the better serve you.

Source: A Relation of the Invasion and Conquest of Florida by the Spanish (London, 1686).

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