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Mexico Debates the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
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Author:   Bernardo Couto

Annotation: Bernardo Couto, one of the original commissioners who negotiated the agreement, defends the treaty.

Document: The treaty not only prevents any increase of our losses by a continuation of the war, but recovers the greater part of that which was subjected to the arms of the conquerors; it may be more properly called a treaty of recovery rather than one of alienation....

It can hardly be said that we lose any power, sine that which we cede is almost all uninhabited and uncultivated....We lose in our rich hopes for the future, but if we know how to cultivate and defend the territory that the treaty preserves or has rescued for us, we shall find it sufficient to console us for our past misfortunes.

Source: Siglo XIX, June 7, 1848, 3: 4.

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