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A South Carolinian Discusses Secessionist Sentiment in the State
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Author:   William P. Gibson


Writing two days after his state decided to leave the Union, a South Carolinian describes the strength of secessionist sentiment in the state.


A happy Christmas to you--may each returning one be, to you, full of heartfelt joys. Pecuniary want keeps us at home, else we should have been at the old homestead several days ago. We are determined never to leave home again without the hope, at least, of making a trip of pleasure. Complaints, troubles and poor folks should be kept at home....

Political excitement was never so high--every body is rampant in favor of disunion. We had an election on this question one day before yesterday [December 20th] and it is predicted by the knowing ones that the State will go 30,000 votes majority for the secession ticket. I say hurrah for the biggest party.

Source: Gilder Lehrman Institute

Additional information: William P. Gibson to his sister Sarah Humphreys

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