QUESTION 001: Do you approve or disapprove of the court martial finding that Lt. Calley is guilty of premeditated murder? (If 'Disapprove', ask:) Do you disapprove of the verdict because you think what happened at My Lai was not a crime, or because you think many others besides Lt. Calley share the responsibility for what happened?

Approve 11%
Disapprove/Not a crime 15%
Disapprove/Others share responsibility 56%
Disapprove/Both reasons (vol.) 1%
Disapprove/Other reasons (vol.) 5%
No opinion 11%

QUESTION 002: Do you think Lt. Calley is being made the scapegoat for the actions of others above him or not (with regard to the My Lai incident)?

Yes 70%
No 12%
No opinion 18%

QUESTION 003: Do you think the (Lt.) Calley sentence of life imprisonment (after his court martial finding of guilty in the My Lai incident) is fair or too harsh, or too lenient?

Fair 13%
Too harsh 79%
Too lenient 1%
No opinion 7%

From a telephone survey of 522 adults from across the United States conducted by The Gallup Organization for Newsweek in April, 1971.

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